Our Process

Is Seamless

01 Analyze

As the old adage goes: measure twice, cut once. By having an initial consultation with our clients on business goals and objectives we save a lot of time and headaches through the development phase. From design to marketing to website development, we provide you with a free estimate of services we think your brand needs and timeline to completion. We don’t overcharge and we don’t oversell. We know our strengths and we don’t overpromise. We provide you with great service and transparency on every project we deliver.

02 Strategize

After an initial consultation we work directly with you and your team to implement a design and development strategy that optimizes your business goals. As a tech firm, we understand there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to development or design. We are constantly researching latest trends and best practices to use for each of projects. From brochures and HTML emails to complete site redesigns we provide you with detailed deadlines for each step of the project, including client-side deadlines to ensure a timely project launch.

“Eric’s ability to illustrate our brand in a clean and creative manner was remarkable. He understood what we needed, digitally, to showcase our products to buyers online. His professionalism was highly revered among our team and the quick turn-around was impressive.”

Yasmin Sabet
Founder, Designer
Mola Sasa

03 Develop

After formulating a comprehensive strategy and timeline, we work behind the scenes to complete the design and development phase for your project. Assuming we have all the necessary resources to complete your project, this is your time to just sit back and wait for your finished product.

04 Deliver

Online, in time. That’s how we roll. We strive to meet all deadlines to ensure a speedy project delivery. Assuming we didn’t miss the mark with your expectations, we proceed with an agreed-upon launch date. We also want you to be 100% satisfied with our work so we offer this time as a final edit to make any last minute changes necessary.